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First off, we here at MetroDirect are no longer in the commercial site design business.

If you have questions about issues not covered here, or require additional information on any facet of the services we offer, please feel free to E-Mail Us. You will find that we are a friendly, casual bunch, whose goal is to make the process as honest and understandable as possible.

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For those not intimately familiar with how a website should work, or who may have questions about exactly what type of site would be best for their purposes, we strongly recommend that you take a few moments to read through these pages in order. To facilitate this, we have added a linear navigation option at the bottom of each page. Once you finish reading a page, simply click on the "Movin' On" text or the animation at the bottom to move to the next page. For those looking only for specific information, such as pricing or multimedia presentations, the navigation bar at the upper left of each page will allow you to jump to the specific page that interests you.

Examples Of Our Site Designs
Because first-hand observation can often be more informative than words, we include below several examples of websites we have designed. Due to privacy and copyright concerns, some of these are simply static examples of home or index pages. Others, however, are live sites through which you can navigate to observe first hand the structure and multiple design facets. Click on the graphic to view the site. At the bottom of this and each subsequent page, we have included a link back to these examples, in order to allow you to make comparisons between the methods and design elements mentioned and actual sites that employ them.

Again, we want to thank you for visiting with us, and say that we hope the information contained in this section proves to be of value to you, regardless of whether or not you ultimately choose us as your Web-design firm.

The MetroDirect Design Team

(Private School)
Specialty Shop
(Thematic Scene)
(Home Schooling)
Car Stereo
(Youth Oriented)
The Knowledge Shop
The Woofer Station
(Stereo Speakers)
Home Stereo
(Freeform Design)
Niche Product
(Humorous Theme)
Thundercone Speakers
Spirit Of Life
Woofer Boxes
Florida Water Testing
World Travel
(Niche Product)
(Power Theme)
(Nature Theme)
The Electric Traveler
Power Capacitors
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