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The programs of Family Trauma Survivors' Network, Inc. provide support, education, and advocacy to Survivors of long term childhood abuse and neglect whether that victimization was from sexual, physical, or mental violence.

SUPPORT: Family Trauma Survivors’ Network sees the needs of Survivors for supportive relationships
and offers support groups to give Survivors a place to experience safe relationships, grow personally, and feel empowered to express their gifts. The FTSN support program uses a developmental approach in its efforts to help Survivors build a greater sense of self, stronger connections to others, and a solid foundation for interfacing with daily responsibilities.

EDUCATION: Family Trauma Survivors’ Network provides education to the community about the needs of Trauma Survivors as well as our strengths, courage, creativity and compassion. It also provides education to Survivors about coping with the effects of trauma, preventing revictimization, nurturing the Survivor within, negotiating healthy relationships, and dealing with life on life's terms.

ADVOCACY: Family Trauma Survivors’ Network advocates on behalf of Trauma Survivors for improved services, better health care, housing, and employment. FTSN cooperates with and supports the efforts of other organizations in seeking a better future for Survivors.

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