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~ An Inner Child Meditation ~

As I hold my inner child close I say,

"I love you
and I want you to know that I'll always surround you
with my love and compassion.
I'll take care of you and make sure that your needs are met.
I'll protect you from harm and set boundaries that make certain other people don't come in and hurt you.

I'm sorry for all the pain you've had.
I can't promise that you'll never feel afraid again
but I do promise that if you are
I'll be here for you and I'll hold you close and keep you safe.

And for all the obstacles that you've overcome
I want you to know that I feel proud to be on this journey with you,
my strong, and beautiful, and resilient inner child.
So I promise that as you step out in life I'll be there with you
and I'll hold your hand and walk beside you as we go through life together"