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  Welcome to Family Trauma Survivors Network, a peer operated organization that was created by Trauma Survivors for Trauma Survivors. Our organization began in 1998 when a group of Survivors met online and began to plan a national organization that would provide support, education, and advocacy on behalf of Trauma Survivors. The group met in person outside Miami, Florida, January 14th., 2002 to create the Charter that we have today. It became Incorporated in 2002 and today enjoys 501c3 status. Family Trauma Survivors Network also has Corporate Group Exemption status and is able to provide 501c3 status to its affiliates.
    Today there are 6 affiliates around the country, 2 coalitions ~ in Florida and Washington State, and one clubhouse which features a variety of activities. Those of us who've worked with this organization on behalf of Trauma Survivors are very proud of the progress we've made and are excited about it's growth in the future. We know that even more groups will be joining us as affiliates in the near future. FTSN offers a training program to help others with starting a Trauma Support Network Groups in their area

Anita Cape, Coordinator of FTSN

Anita L. Cape, B.A., B.S. is a Survivor herself with long-term recovery. She has worked with Survivors in peer operated programs for over a decade. In 2000 C.E., she served on the Florida Legislative Commission on Substance Abuse and Mental Health advocating on behalf of Trauma Survivors. In 2005 she was awarded the "Outstanding Service Award" by the Pinellas County Victim Rights Coalition.

Bev Thompson, Administrative Assistant
Judy, Trauma Survivors Support Contact - Tampabay Florida
Jim, Web Master

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