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A Definition of Humanism:
American Humanism is a consistent advocate for a naturalistic approach to the problems of human life.
To find ourselves in the lives of others, is to recognize the true source of our individual humanity. From it flows our ability and responsibility to lead meaningful lives, capable of adding to the greater good and intrinsic beauty of the humanity we share with all. This is your invitation to a better form of life. • J.P.
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Our monthly meetings are usually scheduled for the first Saturday of each Month at 2:00 PM at the: Clearwater Countryside Library at 2741 State Rd. 580 in Clearwater, Florida 33761.
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All are welcome to attend. In addition to these meetings, we have an alternate social gathering at an area restaurant.
There are also the occasional Florida Symphony concerts, and various museum, film, or event outings. See our current newsletter on the new site, for this month's schedule.

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Historical Progress and the
world view of Humanism
-   J.P.

Member organization of the
Council for Secular Humanism &
The American Humanist Association

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