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Company Ownership

The partnering of two management leaders has resulted in the formation of a company with an unprecedented level of disaster recovery experience that is able to meet the demands of a mobile and expanding marketplace.

Richard J Gulash has years of industry expertise and has been put to the test in numerous US Army Corps of Engineers Operation Blueroof missions. The recommendation letter from the Director over the 2004 South Florida Blueroof Mission is verbose in its endorsement of Rich Gulash and his FRG TEAM. He provides the Statewide Contractor License to the Company that allows it to pull the necessary permits anywhere in the State of Florida.

Michael Hilgar also emerged from a rapid response, customer service based industry which included operations in 12 major cities spread over 5 states, employing approximately 140 office personnel - 210 sales staff - 600 technicians, and which produced an average of 5,000 weekly installations for homeowners.

The owners have brought with them, two of the major competitive advantages that the Company possesses:

  • Instant Financing' capability. FRG has established the program based on the owners' prior relationship with the lender and no competitor comes even close to having the depth of resource that this presents.
  • Internet-based sales and operations management software with no need for Citrix servers and huge IT departments. Again, this technology was carried over from the owners' previous businesses and this capability allows immediate deployment to any geographic region with access to the entire corporate network via wireless Internet.
  • Both of the current owners are completely involved in the day-to-day operations and decision-making in the Company.

    The owners divide the key responsibilities of Marketing/Sales and Installation/Collections and have a group of managers that are being groomed for this industry and regional markets.

    Mike Hilgar is more experienced in the marketing and sales aspects of the business, and he fulfills the comptroller duties inside the Company. He holds the title of Chief Financial Officer and will assume the title of Chief Executive Officer in the event of an IPO.

    Richard Gulash handles all of the technical decisions regarding products, labor and customer service. He also is instrumental in the Company being paid in-full by satisfied customers. He holds the title of President and will add the title of Chief Operations Officer in the event of an IPO.

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