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Laurel and Hardy

L&H National Organization

~ Schedule ~

for the assiduous practice and cultivation of the ongoing work of boobulosity in all it's varied forms, otherwise known as, "our meetings."
Dates are tentative until confirmed by the library.
Funny, how it always seems to be on the Third Monday of alternating months. It's almost as if somebody had planned it!
Always at 6:30 P.M. at the Barbara S. Ponce (Pinellas Park) Library at 7770 52nd St. in Pinellas Park, Florida, unless otherwise noted.

February 18: Dorothy Coburn: “The Second Hundred Years.” “Putting Pants on Philip,” “Leave ’Em Laughing,” & “The Finishing Touch”;
April 15: Bob O’Conor: “Timbla y Titubea,” “Noche de Duendas,” & “Prince Pistachio” (Eddie Boland series);
June 17: Eddie Baker: “Oranges & Lemons” (solo Laurel); “Bacon Grabbers,” “Beauty and the Bus” (Todd/Kelly series), & “Any Old Port”;
August 26: (the fourth Monday): Vivien Oakland: “Mighty Like a Moose” (Chase series), “We Faw Down,” “That’s My Wife,” & “45 Minutes from Hollywood”;
October 21: Richard Cramer: “Saps at Sea,” & “Scram!”;
December 16: Chet Brandenburg: “You’re Darn Tootin’,” “With Love and Hisses,” “Their Purple Moment,” & “Double Whoopee.”

Is there a particular film or artist from the Hal Roach Studios you would like to see? Let the Grand Sheik know. E-mail him here

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The Boobocracy for 2018 C.E.

Grand Sheik - Dennis Reece
Vice Sheik -
Lisa Bradberry
(in charge of vice)
Sub Vizier - Ken Barnes, treas.
Web Spinner - Jim Peterson
Bored Member at Large - varies
(some are quite large indeed!)
~ Founding Grand Sheik - Ron Young (Dec.*)~
* but still laughing...

are a piddling $5 a year, and may be paid at any meeting.

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Well, some of them anyway.

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The work continues...

For more than 30 years at our meetings, sagacious dignitaries have dispensed great wisdom and profound insights into the enduring jocularities implicit in the human condition...
while the rest of us watch L&H movies, snickered smart asides, and laughed and laughed. In other words, pursued the business of entertainment consumption.
Somebody had to do it. We still are!

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